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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

9-3 - Lunch Provided
Join us at our manufacturing plant in Galva Illinois for a day of hands-on demonstrations of the new HX-4000 SMART-DIG™ hydro-excavator. LMT is excited to be offering this unique product for the expanding hydro-excavation market. Come see for yourself how this new product will fit into your equipment lineup.

Contact LMT at 309-932-3311 to participate in this hands-on opportunity.

LMT Inc. has introduced the SMART-DIG™ line of hydro-excavating equipment. The HX-4000 is available immediately and brings many unique design and operational features to the hydro-excavation market. The self-powered, compact HX-4000 unit is a complete system on a modular sub-frame that can be mounted on a wide range of new or used truck chassis.

The SMART-DIG™ HX product line is the result of an international partnership between LMT Inc., a Galva, Illinois-based company and SMART-DIG Ltd. of Warkworth, New Zealand. “We’re excited to be working with LMT and bringing the SMART-DIG™ product line to North America, “ stated Rob Southey, co-owner of SMART-DIG, Ltd. SMART-DIG™ hydro-excavators were designed and engineered in New Zealand and have a proven track record in New Zealand and the broader Australasia market.
The HX-4000 unit will be available for viewing and hands-on demonstrations starting in February 2015. LMT will be displaying the new equipment in booth #4323 of the Water & Wastewater Equipment Treatment & Transport Show (WWETT) in Indianapolis, February 24-26, 2015.
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